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Why You Should Burn Sage (and other herbs) Now!!

For as long as I can remember, 2020 was the year my friends and I talked about when referring to anything related to the future. We imagined it would be extremely technologically advanced, with no limit on modern conveniences that would make life easier and dare I say, less stressful.


Boy was I wrong! in fact 2020 could not have shocked us more than it has. A global pandemic, rampant police brutality, an uncanny presidential race to name a few. I don't know about you but these things have definitely raised my anxiety! Which brings me to why I wrote this article. The act of burning sage and other herbs (smudging/ cleansing) can be traced back to Native Americans ,who utilized smudging in religious rituals to banish negative spirits and energy. Today smudging is done daily by individuals of all walks of life and is often referred to as cleansing.

White sage is the “OG” of cleansing, it is what most people think of first when talking about smudging. White sage possesses many characteristics that make it a desirable herb to smudge

- Sage removes all the energy in a space or around a person or object. Freeing a space or person up for inputting positivity and any other desired intention. Cleaning up?-amplify your physical cleaning with an energetic cleaning so that your space will both look and feel clean.

- Sage is antimicrobial and antibacterial which means it can aid in clearing bacteria and viruses from the air .

-Sage has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve mood.

-Are you working from home?- remove the energy /stress from the work day by burning sage at the end of the work day to restore the peace and tranquility in your home

-Burn sage before praying or meditating to clear your mind and allow better mental focus. -Burn sage at the start of your day to set a daily intention and begin with a positive mindset.

Honestly there are no limits to how you can benefit from smudging/cleansing. Whether you believe in its spiritual capabilities, as aromatherapy or simply as a grounding practice there's no denying that this is a powerful tool. In addition to sage there are many other herbs that can be burned with specific benefits. Some of the herbs are listed below

Juniper- used for manifestation, invigorates the mind and body when tired, helps to calm anxiety

Yerba Santa- promotes self love and healing from emotional pain, promotes growth and empowerment

Palo Santo- Relieves anxiety, increases relaxation, mood booster

The benefits of smudging/cleansing are countless! But for me the biggest benefit is the ability these herbs have to help me maintain my positivity through these unpredictable times. start your personal journey with smudging/cleansing today and shift your mindset!!

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